Launch Offer! Posted on Feb 6th, 2017 at 8:42pm CST

Our product: Beautiful personal & business websites, viewable on EVERY existing device (plus free upgrades to support future devices and screen sizes).

Personal and Business plans start at only $10 USD per month.

Limited time offer:

Includes: free domain, unlimited bandwidth, 99.95% service uptime.

Request your website at: and mention this offer.

We're The Viewport Posted on Feb 6th, 2017 at 2:17pm CST

Hello everyone!

You may be wondering, Why on earth are you launching yet another platform to publish websites? It's 2017! We're so close to having self-driving cars, and even robots helping around the house. Why are you working on websites!? Your engineers must suck!

Well, you're partially right. Websites are boring. Even shiny websites are boring from an engineering standpoint.

We want to help you stop paying thousands of dollars and just get to the bottom line.

Your website is a tool:

I (the founder) have been in the software engineering business for quite a while now, and I've worked on everything from small websites to huge web-based systems that serve millions of users for billion-dollar companies.

But we're interested in websites here. I've seen them ranging from a couple hundred to dozens of thousands of USD. The ROI is similar 90% of the time. It's just some companies have more budget than others and they want "the absolute best" for their business. I don't blame them. I like pretty things too, and we think expensive = pretty. Sometimes the investment makes sense, but more often that not a simpler solution would suffice.

Hence, We're a simple company, offering a simple service, for a fair price. Chances are we'll be able to help you get the same ROI as companies investing 10-100x times the money, by leveraging the knowledge we've aquired over the last ten years.

Looking forward to working with you. We'll make sure to present your business info to your prospective customers, beautifully on every device. We even offer automatic free upgrades to support future devices and screen sizes.