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Every day, millions of Americans turn to Viewport brands for content experiences they want and need. From cooking to humor to education, our media verticals offer advertisers the opportunity to meet their audiences, activated, on brand-safe media at massive scale. Our enriched 1st party data means we know who your next target customer is; better yet, we can introduce you to them in a trusted and familiar context first, so you can front-run the competition.

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Reach Across Media Channels at Scale

In 2022, 8% of the U.S. adult population was activated on Viewport media. Our proven process allows advertisers to meet our audiences within brand-safe content experiences created and controlled by Viewport, generating over a half-billion dollars in revenue. This is scale you can trust.

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Reach your audience

Any way you cut it, it’s all about the cut. Our graph contains an average of 500 unique data points on most U.S. adults.


From sea to shining sea, our audiences comprise a diverse and growing demographic set of American consumers. We can provide geographic targeting and distribution to activate your audience or help you find product-market fit using our proven process and patented technology.


Audiences for our branded media offerings skew slightly female, with an overall engaged mix of approximately 60/40. We can create custom and lookalike audiences with any gender mix for your omnichannel campaigns or sponsored content.


It’s all about the Benjamins: our aggregate audience’s mean income is upper scale with an average household income of $87,700. These are the customers you’re looking for.

Media Buyers

  • Reach an audience as big as your appetite. 
  • Work with a seasoned partner who understands your needs and how to meet them. 
  • Unlock new prospects for a fraction of the cost of conventional media buying.


  • Control ad spend, optimize and tune your audience and message, and see results.
  • Enjoy high-touch client services and get your questions answered fast.
  • Unlock portable audiences by leveraging Viewport’s email channel dominance to reach, engage, and activate millions.  

Brand Marketing

  • Meet your audience in a friendly context on safe media.
  • Target engagers omnichannel and close the sale.  
  • Focus your spend with a trusted partner and reach millions.